Indonesia wants higher wages for maids in Malaysia: report

kalau gaji maid naik lagi...males dah aku nak pakai maid lepas ni....dah la sume ditanggung..gaji plak nak naik .....mmgla cost of living naik..tapi kalau sume majikan dah tanggung apa lagi nak gaji diorang dinaikkan...ampess..

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) — Indonesia will seek higher wages for its nationals working as domestic helpers in Malaysia as the cost of living rises, the country's ambassador said in an interview published Sunday.

Dai Bachtiar told the Star daily higher wages would top a list of demands for Indonesian maids here, including more time off and a proper mechanism to resolve disputes with employers.

"If costs are rising here due to higher fuel prices and food prices are going up, then our workers too should be entitled to what is deemed fit by the Malaysian government," he was quoted as saying.

"We also want a system in place whereby if an employer accuses workers of any wrongdoing the issue will be handled with fairness."

Malaysia relies heavily on foreign workers for menial jobs, and the Indonesian embassy says about 300,000 of its national are employed here as maids.

In 2006 Malaysia rejected a proposal to set a minimum wage of 500 ringgit (150 dollars) a month for Indonesian domestic helpers and most are paid between 400-500 ringgit to work for long hours with few days off.

Jakarta will seek the changes at an upcoming meeting in Kuala Lumpur.


Anonymous said...

tak yah pakai orang gaji indon ni lagi...carik yang mesia je...

ZAMZ said...

fairuz...ada ke org mesia nak jadi org gaji...takat ni tak penah jumpa lagi laa

Akak Pok Pek said...

So true, having maids is like you are in a love hate relationship. My current maid - can't live with her, can't live without her. We r paying her RM500 a month, makan minum ditanggung halal. And she gets to go out every now and then. So why do we need to increase the salary?? Most time, they are idle, watch tv and chat with their maid friends. And only seems to work hard infront of us. This happens all the time. So the hampeh!

ZAMZ said...

hehe sokong app ...semua itu bener belaka hehe

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