Deadlock over a 700 billion dollar bailout

dasat tu USD 700 billion to bailout banks...ingatkan capitalist cam US ni takde bailout2 nih..dulu kan kutuk2 emerging countries cam msia sbb bailout company2 yg nak bankrupt..skrg diorang plak yg buat

NEW YORK (AFP) - - Deadlock over a 700 billion dollar bailout in the United States and the collapse of another institution forced central banks to pump more money into markets Friday as analysts spoke of "extreme" tension threatening the banking system.


Shares fell in Europe and Asia as stock markets signalled alarm at the bitter breakdown of talks between the Republican and Democratic parties on a rescue deal.

Market sentiment was dented by the forced 1.9-billion-dollar sale of giant US savings and loan institution Washington Mutual to JPMorgan Chase. In Europe, shares in Fortis plunged for the second day and the Dutch-Belgian bank said it hoped to raise 10 billion euros (14 billion dollars) from an asset sale.

There are fears that talks between Republican and Democrat leaders might drag on through the weekend.


Tirana said...

Mengata dulang paku serpih
mengata orang..diorang yang lebih-lebih..hehehe

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