Jobs for Housewives

rasanya menarik gak idea ni..selain dari keja rumah boleh gak tambah pendapatan..silap2 lepas ni ramai lagi yg jadi housewives sbb boleh keja dari rumah..more flexibility lah

cumanya rasa cam ramai lagi yg takde keja kat luar tuh..kenapa tak create job utk diorang je

KUALA LUMPUR: On the face of it, news that 60 housewives have snagged up all the outsourced jobs from factories in Klang may not be considered the most exciting of stories.

Yet, the Human Resources Ministry is hoping that it bodes well for its grand plans of providing homemakers the chance to make some extra money, and contribute to the nation's workforce from the comfort of their living rooms.

"We have got about five to six million women who are not able to work full time because of the demands and commitments in their homes.

"We are trying to see how we can utilise their skills and knowledge by creating jobs in and around the home," said Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam after launching Winfield College's School of Information Technology here yesterday.

Dr Subramaniam said there were two kinds of opportunities available for housewives. One is the low-level openings where the ministry is looking at transferring jobs from factories into homes, where housewives can work in a comfortable and calm environment, and at the same time, keep up with their domestic responsibilities.


SlumbeRaja said...

bagus jugak idea nie... blh meningkatkan produktiviti, jgn sampai lupe masak ngan jaga anak udah le.. hehe kang x memasal gaduh ngan suami (type yg kurang bertimbang rasa)...

p/s: sesiapa yang ingin bertukar link, marilah ke slumbeRAJA

zamz said...

kalau betul ada aku pun nak buat part time gak hehe

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