Parents Dead After Bizarre Ritual

12:03pm UK, Wednesday October 15, 2008

camana leh jadi camni ek..tak tercapai dek akal ku boleh berubat mcm ni kan...

skynews ni plak siap cop org msia superstitious kan...

dah lama dah news ni kan..

A 19-year-old Malaysian has been accused of beating his parents to death in an attempt to cure them of health problems.

Muhammad Nizam Mohamad Ibrahim's mother and father died after being battered with brooms and motorcycle helmets.

He and his two cousins have been charged with murder.

The superstitious ritual allegedly occured during a family gathering in an apartment in Kuala Lumpur ealier this month.

Another family member is said to have told the three accused that it would help the man stop smoking and the woman overcome a liver ailment, among other problems.

The beating is understood to have become frenzied and the victims, who had apparently been willing participants, died from their injuries.

The teenage sister of the two cousins - Muhammad Ilyas, 23, and 21-year-old Muhamad Fauzi Abdul Razak - is in hospital after being badly injured in the ritual.

The three accused did not enter a plea after being charged in court and were ordered to be held for psychiatric observation for a month.

It is the first such ritual to come to light in Malaysia, a country where superstitious beliefs are strong.

It is common for some people to seek the help of bomohs, or spiritual healers, for mental and physical illnesses - but their rituals are not known to involve violence.

The trial will begin on November 14.


meo188 said...

em... mcm hari karbala kot

zamz said...

hari karbala mcm ni ke..tak penah dgr plak

zariel said...

gila semua tu! tapi yg heran ramai lagi yg percaya benda-benda karut ni... haish!

zamz said...

emm tulah camana bleh ada ek..benda ni mmg pelik tapi masih ada terjadi kan

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