10% Toll Discount For Using Highways From Midnight To 7am

bencinya aku dgn diorang ni....baik tak payah discount mcm ni kan...apa ke jadahnya..??? menyakitkan hati je

KUALA LUMPUR: Starting Jan 1, private cars using the North-South Expressway and the North-South Central Link will enjoy a 10% discount when travelling between midnight and 7am.

For travel during festive seasons, they will get a further 10% reduction on travel on selected days if they use the expressways during the same times.

The discounts apply only to Class I vehicles namely private cars between Jan 1 next year and Dec 31, 2010.

A user will be able to enjoy the discount as long as he exits the expressways and pays toll between midnight and 7am. It does not matter what time he enters the expressways.U

Under the programme, Touch ‘n Go and Smart Tag users who spend a minimum of RM200 monthly at PLUS-managed expressways would enjoy a rebate of 5% of the toll paid.


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