Children At Risk Of Getting Diabetes As Early As Nine Years Old

takut plak dgr..kalau budak2 seawal 9 tahun boleh kena..aku yg tua sikit je dari diorang pun ada higher probability nak kena kan..

kalau tgk org kena diabetes..kalau yg dah teruk tu..ada yg sampai kena potong kaki..

tapi insaf tu sume kjap je kalau dah mengadap makanan cam aiskrim ke chocolate ke..lupa sume penyakit..
masa tu bleh plak berpikiran positif.."kalau dah nak kena, tak mkn pun kena gak, so sebelum kena baik aku makan"

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 14 (Bernama) -- Children are at risk of getting diabetes as early as when they are nine years old, if they do not have healthy eating habit, says an expert.

Chief of the Endoctrinology and Diabetes Unit of the Putrajaya Hospital, Dr Zanariah Hussein, said the global trend showed an increase in the disease among children due to consumption of unhealthy food.

"Diabetes is like high blood and heart problems, which will reach to a worrying stage if Malaysians do not change their eating habits," she told reporters after the opening of the hospital's World Diabetes Day celebration by the Federal Territory Health director Dr Ismail Abu Taat at the KLCC compound here Friday.

Dr Zanariah said besides the environment and genetic factor, obesity would also increase the risk of children getting diabetes.

Parents should educate their children on the importance of balanced diet and to adopt a healthy life style, she added.

She said about 1.4 million of the country's population, aged 30 and above, were suffering from diabetes and the number was expected to increase to 2.4 million in 2030.



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