Layan Lawak Ringan2 hihihi

Lady : Is this my train?
Station Master : No, it belongs to the Railway Company.
Lady : Don't try to be funny. I mean to ask if I can take this train to New
Station Master : No Madam, I'm afraid it's too heavy.


Customer :Waiter, do you serve crabs?
Waiter lease sit down sir, we serve everyone.


Customer:Waiter, is this a lamb chop or pork chop?
Waiteran't you tell the difference by taste?
Customer:No, I can't.
Waiter:Then does it really matter?


Customer:Waiter, there's a dead beetle in my soup.
Waiter:Yes sir, they are not very good swimmers.


Customer:Waiter, there's a fly in my soup.
Waiter:That' s all right sir, he won't drink much.


Waiter: I've stewed liver, boiled tongue and frog's leg.
Customer: Don't tell me your problems. Give the menu card.


Customer:Waiter, there's a fly swimming in my soup.
Waiter: So what do you expect me to do, call a lifeguard?


Customer :Waiter, what's the meaning of this fly in my tea up?
Waiter wouldn't know sir, I'm a waiter, not a fortune teller.


Man: How old is your father?
Boy: As old as me.
Man : How can that be?
Boy: He became a father only when I was born.


Customer:Waiter, this soup tastes funny.
Waiter: Funny? But then why aren't you laughing?


intan.dayana said...

kahkahkah...lucu la.
mane dpt..?

zamspotte said...

adoiyai... my stomach will blow you know!!

IxoR@ said...

Tengok gambar cik kucing tu pun dah lawak & lucu !

meo188 said...

si kucing . huhuhuhuhu. :D

Zamz said...

intan dayana..dari porem cari

Zamz said...

zamspotte..yeke hehe

Zamz said...

ixora..baru tgk gambar kucing..belum tgk org yg postkan gambar kucing lagi haha

Zamz said...

meo kenapa dgn kucing tuu

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