Macam2 Ada: Man Marries Video Game Girlfriend...

A Japanese man has just married his girlfriend, Nene Anegasaki.

Here's the catch: Nene is a video game character from the Nintendo DS game Love Plus.

BoingBoing has the details on the ceremony, which was broadcast live on the Japanese site Nico Nico Douga: The wedding took place during a Make: Japan meet-up held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. In attendance were a live audience, an MC, the bride's virtual video game girlfriend -- who made a speech -- and a real human priest.

BoingBoing notes that the ceremony included an MC, deejay, and a priest. It kicked off with a slideshow of photos highlighting the bride and groom's "special moments together."

The groom, who calls himself "SAL 9000", reportedly had a string of anime girlfriends before Nene.

LovePlus seems to hook its players more than other dating sims. BoingBoing previously wrote about a woman whose husband "Koh" confessed to being "hooked" on his high-school, virtual girlfriend from Love Plus.

Asked what he did with the Love Plus girl, Koh explained,

OK, this is pretty embarrassing. The DS has a mic and a touchscreen, so... one time, she asked me to say "I love you" a hundred times into the mic. I was on the airplane when she asked me that, so I was like, no way. There was also this part where you have to hold her hand on the touchscreen. If you touch her hand with the stylus, you get to hold her hand. And then there's the part where you have to kiss her.

macam2 tul lah kan...harap2 org msia takde lagi camni hehe


NiNa' said...

ish2...~ da la kurang laki~ ni yg nak kahwin ngan mamat anime yg ensem.. hehehe.. weee~

Zamz said...

haha nina boleh la try glamer woo..ada ke tok kadi nak nikahkan ekekeke

NiNa' said...

ada je kot.. hihihi~.. x pon nikah kat siam~ hihi

Zamz said...

kat siam sume boleh kot hehe

ezany said...

baru tgk video ni td kat youtube.. hilang akal ker ape budak nih..

zamz said...

ezany betulla tu hilang akal hehe

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