Malaysia holds key interest rates at 3.50 pct

nampaknya bnm retain opr at no rate hikela...gud for ppl la kot...cuma myr weaken la lepas ni..tak tau camana bnm nih nak combat inflation pasnih..

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) — Malaysia's central bank said Friday it will hold its interest rates at 3.50 percent, bucking expectations of a rise to counter a 7.7 percent surge in June inflation.

Bank Negara said it would take steps in its monetary policy to maintain price stability in the medium-term and "ensure that high inflation does not undermine the longer term growth prospects" of the economy.

"Given the underlying fundamental strength of the economy ... the bank's assessment is that after this transitional period, the Malaysian economy has the potential to reestablish its medium growth path."

"Based on this ... the monetary police committee has decided to keep its overnight policy rate unchanged at 3.50 percent," it said.


Mr PenyuBiru said...

ada rumors.kerajaan tak umumkan fakta yg benar.benar ke?

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