The Amazing Race Asia 3

nampaknya amazing race asia 3 is back, starting from mid september. yg depan 2 seasons mmg aku tgk jugak. first season champ 2 ladies from malaysia and last year rep from malaysia dpt 2nd place pun 2 ladies gak. terer gak pompuan2 kat msia kan hehe.

so this year ada lagi rep from msia and this time around we have ida nerina and tania khan dgn bernie chan and his brother henry chan

The Third Time is always The Charm.

Get ready for season 3 of the hit reality TV series, The Amazing Race Asia, as the trials of Road Blocks, Fast Forwards, Yields, Intersections and Detours return, together with more drama, competition, intense excitement and tougher challenges in store for 10 brand new teams from all across Asia.

As seen in last year's thrilling and intense second season that had the teams dash through four continents in just 24 days, viewers for can expect nothing less in The Amazing Race Asia 3 which is dubbed as "The Toughest Race" ever.

ni la gambar rep from malaysia

bernie chan ni host project runaway malaysia and ida nerina pelakon la kan...yg dua lagi partner diorang lah


Akak Pok Pek said...

Have a question..
Do you watch AR for the adrenaline or for the hotties??? :-)

ZAMZ said...

for adrenaline of course miahahaha (jawapan selamat nih)

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