Budget 2009 - Who Benefit The Most??

agak2 sapa yg benefit the most from the announced budget yek...kat bawah ni aku rasa yg paling related dgn aku lah..cuma aku rasa certain of them the entitlement are for all the bosses je..mcm travel allowance and internet and phone bill..sumenya boss ada dpt...org bawah mana ada yg dpt sgt

* Travel allowance for commuting to work provided by employers be given full tax deduction, while the employees receiving such an allowance be given tax exemption of up to RM2,400 per year.

* Tax exemption be given to employees on:

- Interest subsidies on housing, motor vehicles and education loans. The tax exemption will be limited to total loans up to RM300,000;

- Mobile phones, as well as telephone and internet bills paid by the employer;

- Staff discounts of up to RM1,000 a year on company traded goods;

- Staff discounts on services rendered by the company, such as private schools providing free education to children of their employees; and

- Childcare allowance of up to RM2,400 per year.

* Tax exemption on medical benefits provided by employers to include expenses on maternity and traditional medicine, namely acupuncture and ayurvedic.

* Effective Jan 1 2009, civil servants with a monthly household income of RM3,000 eligible for a subsidy of RM180 per month.

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iEn said...

shoutbox xleh post.. kene block.. ien jawab sini jelah erk..

social bookmark tu mcm wat petanda buku page2 yg kita nak simpan dalam mana2 server.. kat entri ien tu ada bookmark seperti technorati, google etc..

p/s: bajet 2009, rokok naik woo!

zamz said...

haha ien ..patutnya explanation pasal social bookmark tu yg kat p/s tu ni terbalik lak hehe

Myza said...

Dapat bonus 1 bulan pun dah syukur banyak2! alhamdulilah.Boleh beli microwave oven yg lagi canggih hehehe!

zamz said...

wah myza dpt bonus ek..leh la buat open house nanti hehe

myadlan said...

I think this Budget 2009 doesn't really benefit me. except for the electricity bills.. huhu

how do you think the employer gonna pay for the mobile phones eh? interesting!

i do hope that the public transport especially the LRT can reduce their operation cost and reduce the FARE!

zamz said...

myadlan betul ke boleh benefit from the electricity..jarang jumpa org yg bil letriknya kurang daripada 20 ringgit unless rumahnya mmg guna letrik utk pasang lampu je lah..

certain company mmg ada provide phone line for the staff and the company akan bayar the phone bill lah

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