China's Lin Dan wins gold in men's badminton

nampaknya tak kesampaian la niat rakyat msia nak tgk negara kita dpt emas pertama olimpik...walaupun game final between chong wei dgn lin dan tak fight sangat..still congrats to chong wei for at least bawak balik silver medal kan..

BEIJING (AP) — China's Lin Dan has won the gold medal in men's singles at the Olympic badminton tournament, defeating Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei in straight sets.

Top-seeded Lin was in control from the outset Sunday and coasted to a 21-12, 21-8 win over the second-seeded Lee to give China its third gold medal in badminton.

Lin took an 11-1 lead in the second game with Lee's only point coming on an unforced error by Lin.

Lee was bidding for Malaysia's first gold medal in the Olympics but was no match for the top-ranked Lin, who won the match with a smash down the line that Lee returned into the net.


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APP frust sungguh ni...

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bukan app je frust.. sume org frust woo..

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