Hollywood Sues Bollywood Over 'Harri Puttar' Movie

kelakar nya ada selamba je tukar nama ekekeke

What's in a name?

Even Shakespeare may not have come up with this answer: potentially millions of dollars. Welcome to the case of Hollywood vs. Bollywood, the traditional moniker for India's thriving movie industry.

What's pitted these two against each other in a case that could cost both huge amounts of money? The name of a new Indian film.

It's a kind of local "Home Alone" scenario about a kid who fights off burglars when his parents go away on vacation. But that's not the problem. The name of the film is. It's called "Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors" and Warner Brothers, which owns the rights to the JK Rowling character, isn't amused.

Those behind the "Puttar" movie don't understand what all the fuss is about. They argue the flick has nothing to do with wizards, flying brooms, schools or anything else that even remotely resembles the phenomenally successful film franchise. And they point out North American audiences will likely never see it.

As it turns out, it may be just a cultural thing. "Hari" is a common name in India and "puttar" is the Punjabi word for 'son'.

But Warner is warning it's too close for comfort and has started legal action to prevent the film from being released on September 12th.

"Warner Bros. values and protects intellectual property rights," spokesperson Deborah Lincoln makes clear. But she refused to discuss the suit, noting the case was ongoing.

Like the flicks of the same name, you just might expect this lawsuit to have a number of sequels.

And maybe it's a good thing the Bard is no longer with us. He might have a problem with that "Comedy of Terrors" thing, too.


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