IRM's Orphanage Library Project: Yayasan Ain Maisarah,Chemor,Perak

salam just nak spread around..sesapa yg berminat nak beramal..tetambah nak masuk bulan ramadhan ni kan

August 15 at 10:10pm

Just to inform all of you, that IRM is raising funds to install a library of books for the orphans at Yayasan Ain Maisarah all boys orphanage in Chemor,Perak.

Our target is to buy 1000 books plus a set of encyclopedia for the boys.

We are going to buy new and good books for the orphans direct from publishers to enjoy better discounts than buying it at bookstores.

Appreciate your understanding that we really discouraged giving secondhand books for this project.. Out of 1000 books, 90% would be in Bahasa Melayu Tinggi and 10% would be in English.

We are targeting around RM13,000 to buy new books. So far we have raised around RM4100.Another RM8900 to go.

We are planning to install the library on the 6th of September 2008 (Saturday).So we have around 2 weeks to raise the remaining funds.

Should you are interested to chip in, here is the account number:

Maybank: 5621 4270 8704 (We cannot do maybank2u yet,sorry! Have to do it offline)
CIMB : 1259 0000 804 058

All you have to do is to mail of fax the bank-in slip to us:

Islamic Relief Malaysia
31-7 Jalan SP2/1, Taman Serdang Perdana,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Tel: 03-8948 6334

(If you fax or mail the slip appreciate your help to attention it for: "Islamic Relief's Orphanage Library Project")

For further info on this project : you can email me at : or Tel: 03- 8948 6334

I will update the progress here from time to time or you can visit my personal blog at: for quick updates.

Lastly,Appreciate your help to spread the words around. :)


Iskandar Syah Ismail aka DR Bubbles
Islamic Relief Malaysia

Orphanage Library Project: Update 1 (as of August 15th)

Raised RM4300 in donation and pledges by today.Another RM8700 to go.


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