Berbatov Seals United Move, Manchester City Snatched Robinho

finally berbatov dpt jugak beraksi utk mu

Dimitar Berbatov has signed a four-year deal with Manchester United.

United have not said how much they have paid for the 27-year-old but Tottenham confirmed they had agreed a fee of £30.75million.

another big transfer is Robinho moving from Real Madrid to Manchester City..gile unexpected and pelik sikit la..apa robinho expect on playing for manchester city in comparison with real madrid? kalau chelsea tu ok sikit la kan

Manchester City have confirmed the signing of Brazil forward Robinho from Real Madrid.

The 24-year-old had been linked with a move to Chelsea this summer but City concluded a deal for the player shortly before the midnight transfer deadline, with the fee believed to be a British record of £32.5million.

The news comes on the day Abu Dhabi United Group for Development and Investment began the process to take over at City, entering a period of due diligence.


oktant said...

fuh...memang tak sangka
robinho ke man. city.

kalo tak silap dulu man. city
nak tak dapat.

skrg dapat robinho pun ok gak.

p.s: apasal lah tak ke Chelsea.. :(

topo said...

wtf... hohoh cam xvaya je robinho p mc... hohoho nak kene update player fantasy ni..hoooh

zamz said...

oktant..chelsea kedekut sikit hehe..tu yg dpt ke man city tuh..

topo tukar jgn tak tukar hehe

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