Hamilton Stripped Of Belgian GP Win

baru je jadi champion kena strip pulak dah...massa la plak jadi champion..agak2 ada politik gak ke dalam F1 nih

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton was stripped of victory in a thrilling Belgian Grand Prix after stewards decided he had gained an advantage by cutting a chicane during a last-gasp duel with Kimi Raikkonen.

Hamilton was given a 25-second time penalty by race officials which saw him demoted to third and victory handed to second-placed Felipe Massa, allowing the Ferrari driver to cut the Briton's lead in the championship to just two points.

Brazilian Massa crossed the line second but won the maximum 10 points ahead of Germany's Nick Heidfeld, the BMW-Sauber driver promoted to second. Hamilton won six points to move to 76 in the championship to Massa's 74.

World champion Raikkonen had led until rain began to fall and Hamilton, the 23-year-old championship leader who had started on pole position, reeled in the Ferrari and powered past on the penultimate lap.

The action did not stop there, with the desperate Raikkonen fighting back to retake the lead before losing control on the slippery surface and smashing into a wall while Hamilton went wide over the grass.

The two rivals had already banged bodywork, skidded and narrowly avoided other cars before stewards decided that Hamilton's late maneouvre had broken the rulebook.


Myza Pesona said...

L.Hamilton, a young driver with cofee O' license ha ha.. not approved by JPJ ! Jangan marah....

Ice Man Kimi is still the best driver world's championship title is widely open.... watch out !

zamz said...

bukan la apa jauh sangat dah si kimi tu

iEn said...

jom2 naik keta kayu weh uhuhu!

zamz said...

aiman gyver je naik keta kayu hehe

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