Harga Minyak Turun Lagi Esok ~ RM2.15

Harga minyak turun lagi....yahuu

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 31 (Bernama) -- The retail prices of petrol and diesel will be reduced by 15 sen a litre respectively effective Saturday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced.

With this, RON97 petrol will be reduced from RM2.30 a litre to RM2.15 a litre, RON92 petrol from RM2.20 a litre to RM2.05 a litre and diesel from RM2.20 a litre to RM2.05 a litre.

"As world oil prices dropped significantly lately, the government took a decision reduce the prices of petrol and diesel further for the benefit of the people," Abdullah said in a media statement released here Friday.

This will be the fourth reduction in pump prices for petrol and diesel since August. The previous reductions were made on Aug 23, Sept 24 and Oct 15.

The sequence of reduction during the period for RON97 was from RM2.70 a litre to RM2.55, RM2.45 and RM2.30 while RON92 from RM2.62 to RM2.40, RM2.30 and RM2.20.

For diesel it was from RM2.58 a litre to RM2.50, RM2.40 and RM2.20.



Chekgu BaniHassim said...

turun, jgn tak turun...

zamz said...

emm agak2 boleh turun lagi ke tak..
ada gak terbaca kat paper ...

kenapa tak berterima kasih bila kerajaan turun kan harga minyak..

tapi haritu kerajaan naikkan harga minyak takde plak ucap tima kasih kat kita kan..

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