"Transformers" in Singapore?

mcm best je the idea nak buat theme park camni..imagine kalau sume org boleh naik transformer ..pehhh

A new theme-park ride based on the hit movie "Transformers" is being developed for Universal Studios, the company announced Monday.

The new rides, scheduled to debut in 2011, incorporate robotics and 3-D, high-definition technology.

Hasbro Inc. and DreamWorks Pictures are helping to create the new ride, and "Transformers" director Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg will consult on the its development, said Tom Williams, chairman and chief executive of Universal Parks & Resorts.

The ride, like the film, shows humans caught in an intergalactic war between armies of giant robots that can change into cars, planes and other technological creations.


@k@kPOKPEK said...

I am a roller coaster freak..
can't wait!!

zamz said...

wah tak sangka app suka ek

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