Oil Price Below US$30?

skrg ni minyak dah jatuh bawah US$60 kan..nampaknya ada possibility akan jatuh further..on one side maybe bagus utk kita sbg consumer yg mana harga minyak akan diturunkan..

tapi on the other hand..msia export lagi byk dari import..maksudnya income negara akan berkurangan..padahal haritu budget utk tahun 2009 dibuat berdasarkan harga minyak US$125 kalau tak silap aku lah...so mana nak dtg lagi duit utk perbelanjaan yg dah dirancang tu? wallahualam..harap2 kerajaan kita bijak menangani semua krisis yg akan dtg

Traders bet on US$30 oil as Opec plans talks on output

DALLAS: Oil traders made their biggest bet yet that the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) will fail to prevent crude prices from plunging below US$30 (RM108) a barrel.

Trades in crude-oil options contracts that would allow the holder to sell oil for February delivery at US$30 a barrel reached 1,407 on the New York Mercantile Exchange yesterday, making the contract the day's second-most active, exchange data show.

Opec, the supplier of about 40% of the world's oil, plans to meet Nov 29 in Cairo to discuss another output cut after crude oil touched US$54.67 a barrel, a 21-month low, yesterday. The 13-member organization cut production by 1.5 million barrels a day at a meeting in Vienna last month.


Tirana said...

Jangan bimbang..kerajaan kita banyak duit..Kalau tidak, takkan mampu beli eurocopter dan kapal selam scorpene...

zamz said...

tirana eurocopter dah cancel kan..tanda2 la tu hehe

shaxx said...

minyak kat dunia dah turun tp kat "dunia" kita turun nyer slooowwww macam siput... ekkekeke

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