Check Bill EleCtric Korang Online Through TNB EServices

korang penah check bill electric online? aku baru je tau rupanya tnb ada provide this tak payah la aku tunggu bil letrik baru nak bayar..apsal la diorang tak bagitau pun

1) first korang masuk website tnb lah

Then kat website TNB tu korang click kat E-services under Bill Payment which akan masuk page kat bawah ni lah..

first kena register dulu lah

lepas tu boleh tgk detail lah termasukla alamat rumah..last payment date dgn amount due

lagi best boleh tgk previous months punya bil termasuk la historical payments..

will be more helpful utk org yg bagi sewa rumah dia so that dia boleh monitor kalau2 penyewa tak bayar bil letrik diorang..takut2 nanti diorang cabut tuan rumah pulak kena tanggung kan..

antara benda yg korang boleh buat dlm eservices ni..

- Pay your electricity bills online
- View detailed information about your TNB account.
- View your latest and past billing information.
- Track your monthly electricity consumption.
- Submit self-meter reading online.


Extremist Thinker said...

huu. akoo xtaw pun. trimas bro

zamz said...

bukan ko je..aku pun baru tau..aku rasa ramai lagi org tak tau ..tnb pun tak penah bagitau hehe

shaxx said...

aku pun tak tau... apa URLnyer bro?

zamz said...

shaxx aku dah tambah url kat dlm entry..lupa la pulok

shaxx said...

thanks bro!

shahrani said...

thanks bro, kebetulan bil api aku bln ni hilang plak, lupa letak kat mana. nasib jumpa bro nyer website..

Kimizo said...

thanks for the info
baru tau ni

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RJ said...

Online Electricity Bill Payment is catching up everywhere and i have compiled a list of how to make such payments easily.

Nabilah Sukor said...

Hai. Nk tanya. Kalau masa register tu no account tu mana nak dapat ye??

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