Panggilan Dari Langit

lepas ni boleh guna phone dlm flight plak..baru tak boring kan..maybe lepas tu bleh surf internet plak etc..cuma risau gak mana tau kacau sistem dlm kapal terbang tu..tak pasal2 je jadi panggilan terakhir plak hehe

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Malaysia Airlines on Tuesday unveiled a new service allowing passengers to make and receive calls on their mobile phones while in air on some routes.

Passengers can also send and receive text messages, and use their Blackberry-type devices to send and receive e-mails, Malaysia Airlines, or MAS, said in a statement.

It said the airline teamed up with AeroMobile, a British company, to become the first Asian carrier to offer in-flight mobile phone and data services via satellite with passengers using their own equipment.

Customers can now safely use their mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) during the flight without affecting the aircraft systems and ground telecommunication networks, the statement said.

The service is currently available on a single Boeing 777-200 aircraft, which flies on different days to selected European, Australian and Asian destinations including China and Japan, said the statement.

The system will be installed on all wide-bodied aircraft in the MAS fleet by next year if it proves to be successful, said MAS chief executive Idris Jala.

Users will be billed on their regular phone bills by their own service providers as with any other international roaming call.


love is forever said...

mm bro dapat panggilan dari awek cun leh rrr..dapat panggilan maut nak tak? hehehe.

zamz said...

tula panggilan terakhir huhuhu..belum ready lagilaa

ezo said...

ingatkan panggilan hangit tadi..hehe

zamz said...

hehe bunyi cam lebih kurang je kan ezo

meo188 said...

comel tul aweks nih

zamz said...

haha meo..tak sampai rupanya msg aku

cendawanintim said...

tak sempat nak koling222...tido ngan layan psp ajer lerrrrr!!!

zamz said...

emm kalau dlm msia mmg tak sempat kalau oversea lama gak

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