The Facebook Virus Spreads: No Social Network is Safe

facebook pun ada virus gak ek...mcm2

"Koobface" is the name of the Trojan worm that's been making its way through the social networking site Facebook lately, but to the site's users, it's been simply known as "the Facebook virus." That name will soon become a misnomer, though, because the worm is now spreading outside of Facebook's walls to attack other social networks like Bebo, MySpace, Friendster, MyYearbook, and Blackplanet.

About Koobface

Once a computer has become infected with the Kooface worm, it spams the friends belonging to the owner of the computer by leaving comments on their profiles. Those comments appear to come from the infected user, saying things like "Are you sure this is your first acting experience?", "is it u there?", "impressive. i'm sure it's you on this video", "How can anyone get so busted by a spy camera?" and "You're the whole show! i'm admired with you." Save for that last one, whose bad English will likely raise a flag that all is not what it seems, the other comments appeal to people's vanity. They wonder: is that really a video of me? and then click through on the link provided.

How To Protect Yourself From Koobface

Besides doing the obvious - running an up-to-date antivirus, security patches, and firewalls - you should be on the look out for the following:

A sample spam message:

The malicious site:

The warning message:

You should also keep an eye on Facebook's security page ( which warns of the latest threats.


Luth Textile said...

aku baru je bukak facebook aku td..
xtaw lak natang neh pon ada virus..

Tirana said...

Adehhh..di alam maya pun ada virus menyerang..semuanya dah tak selamat sekarang ni..

zamz said...

ada la org buat tu...rajin betul diorang ni buat virus kan

love is forever said...

alamak, nanti habis tanaman fina kat facebook kena virus, tak dapat beli experia..heh!

Elafyf said...

pergh, mmg ade yg kena mende nih.. kwn ak duk bg comment blue kat aku..patut pun..
kene mende ni kot

zamz said...

haha fina tak abis2 dgn experia

zamz said...

elafyf comment blue camana tu...ada tak yg cakap anda nampak biru haha

teringat aku iklan apa ek..celcom kot..

papabear said...

my wife pernah kena dah sekali... ancus!

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