KL's Wishlist

byk gak benda yg boleh diperbaiki kat kl ni kan...kalau nak cakap 1 hari pun tak abis kot...

tapi yg penting2 nya macam tahap keselamatan orang ramai, kadar jenayah, foreign workers yg semakin ramai, public transport system, traffic jam, infrastructure memang perlu diberikan perhatian yang lebih

The public transport system does not cover all parts of Kuala Lumpur. It only covers a small portion of Kuala Lumpur and until that is improved, there is no way traffic congestion will improve. There is a need to review the whole system again.

— Wang Lyang Suan, 17, student

It would be good if the public transportation system in KL is improved. The buses are always late. We can’t move around the city easily. I hope the new mayor can improve public transport.

— Vidyia Guna Seelan, 29, air freight coordinator Parking

The parking spaces in KL are not in tandem with the vehicle purchasing power, therefore there is a need for more parking areas especially in the city centre to avoid illegal parking.

— Rosli Mohd Nordin, 30, producer

Some parts of KL are terribly dirty. It would help if City Hall could spruce up the streets and back lanes so that the city looks and smells cleaner. Of course, the residents should play a part too.

—Ashraf Mohd Jamaludin, 19, student

I won’t say that KL is extremely dirty, but I think we have room for improvement especially when it comes to eateries. We have a wide selection of food outlets but not all are up to standard. Since competition is high, I think it’s time that City Hall is selective in granting permits or licences.

— Harpreet Kaur, 24, executive Illegal traders

In areas like Chow Kit and Petaling Street, we feel that we are not in Malaysia as all the traders are foreigners. How many of them actually have a valid licence? Our local traders are suffering because they have to compete with these traders who do not have any burden of taxes. This problem is not new and something needs to be done.

— Siti Aishah Idris, 28, branch manager

We hope for more taxi stands and bus stops for the public’s convenience. It’s sad to see the bus stops and taxi stands in a bad condition.

— Mokhtar Omar, deputy president of the Klang Valley Taxi Operators' Association

We need a mayor who is not only public friendly but also media friendly, so that both parties can work together and produce best results.

— Kamal Affendi Hashim, crime analyst

I hope the new mayor will make changes to the way trading licences are issued. The current system is tedious and difficult.

— Noor Nirwandy Mat Noodin, project director, Muslim Consumers’ Association of Malaysia Transparency in allocation of low cost flats

Are the deserving ones getting the low cost flats? There are rich people also getting units because of corruption within the city council. There are some who were moved from squatter areas in Kuala Lumpur but given low cost houses far away from town which is very inconvenient. Something needs to be done.

— Lim Lip Eng, Segambut MP

All local councils, including City Hall, should be made more accountable for the approval of projects for the community. When there is responsibility and accountability, jobs will be done effectively and efficiently.”

— Melvin Lee Fook Tat, vice-president of USJ Residents’ Association Provide more CCTVs in high crime rate areas

CITY Hall should ensure places that are prone to crime are equipped with close circuit television cameras (CCTV). Otherwise, there should be more police pondok at strategic locations to help curb crime.

— Aizura Ishak, 18, student

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Aku-Ida said...

sesungguhnya aku jua fedap dgn kl... nak2 kalau jumpe org yg tak berjenis... paling tak best hari ahad... rase mcm duduk kat myammar...

zamz said...

haha takpun pi klcc..petang2 tu rasa cam ada kat indon hehe

Nadine Zuharra said...

-kalau drive sendiri susah nak cari parking, kalau nak naik public transport lak ptg2 penuh sesak..
-tk suke KL ramai pendatang asing..SERAM~
-ramai orang jahat,mane encik2 polis sekalian..?

shaxx said...

tak salah kalau pelawat dari negara luar lepak kat KL selagi bukan PATI (pendatang asing tanpa izin)... Mereka datang sini cari kerja halal dan lebih baik mereka lepak2 kat situ dari jadi penjenayah.

lagipun tentu kita tak suka kalau kita di kata sedemikian bila melawat negara orang lain kan?

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