Lodge Complaint at Puduraya

ni la nama dia ikhlas tapi jauh..nak terima complaint tapi public pun langsung tak aware kat puduraya ada tempat boleh buat complaint.....leh masuk rancangan pelik tapi benar nih hehehe

Regular commuters tired of being harassed by touts and being sold over-priced tickets at Puduraya bus station have a channel to lodge complaints right within the infamous complex — if they can find it!

Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) chairman Datuk Markiman Kobiran said his officers were at Puduraya daily to address the tout menace and the outfit also had a booth operating within Puduraya to receive complaints.

"The booth has been there for many years. It is a one-stop centre for the public to make complaints on bus drivers, bus companies and even taxis," Markiman said.

However, a check at Puduraya last Friday revealed that the booth was more difficult to find than the proverbial needle in a haystack and this reporter gave up after an hour of searching.

Many frequent users and even shop owners did not know the existence of the booth, and hence, could not offer directions.

One shopkeeper, who declined to be named, said: "I have been operating a shop here for many years and I am not aware about any complaints centre."

Others at the bus station echoed the shopkeeper’s comments and many of them were surprised when asked about the complaint centre.

Jack Lee, 43, said he had been taking buses at Puduraya for almost five years now and did not know the existence of this mystery booth.

A call to UDA Holdings Sdn Bhd, the company which manages the Puduraya station, could not help shed light on finding the booth either. A spokesman from the company said she was unaware of any such booth.

She also checked with her colleagues and said: "I am sure there is no such booth in Puduraya. Officers from the Road Transport Department and CVLB usually sit outside Puduraya, at a makeshift office."

Finally, Markiman was contacted again so as to get the exact location of the booth. He had to check with his officers and later informed Malay Mail that the booth was located at the basement of Puduraya.

Now that the location of the mystery booth, which has been in Puduraya for so many years, has been revealed, one can only wonder why a booth dedicated to receiving complaints from the public is situated in a place where even the management of the building does not know ...


Chekgu BaniHassim said...

Ibarat mencari jarum di dalam jerami??
nmpk cam coach ape je...
org nk pasan camne...

zamz said...

tula pasal hahaha..cam taknak bagi jumpa je..baru zero complaint hehe

zariel said...

itu macam tapak penginapan sementara untuk projek pembangunan je... atau rumah setinggan? hampeh betoi!

shaxx said...

so sapa yg kerja kat situ makan gaji buta lah ye...?

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