Report to Any Police Station

tak sure pulak kalau this covers report on accident...

mcm aritu aku accident kat seremban..walaupun on the way je kat highway kena la aku buat report kat seremban jugak

siap kena ulang alik kl-seremban tu nak amik report.....imagine kalau kena ulang alik kl-jb tak ke naya..

kalau la sume boleh buat online je ..kan senang

The country’s top cop has reiterated that members of the public can lodge a police report at any police station in the country and a directive on the matter was issued not long ago.

Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan, yesterday told Malay Mail: "I have come out with the directive and it should be adhered to."

He was responding to complaints received by the media that members of the public were instructed to lodge a complaint only at a police station where the incident occurred.

Musa said the public can lodge a complaint with the district police chief if they are directed elsewhere to lodge a report. "I also want to know which police officers have refused to accept the reports."

He said: "Please lodge a complaint or write a formal complaint to us. We can take action against the police personnel if found that the allegation is true."


Jard The Great said...

erkk... seb baik saman bole dah bayar online..

Shifu67 said...

bab 'kalau' ni... emmm panjang ceritanya ni... sabar je la... dah bukan rezeki kita

Mak Su said...

aik? komn ilang?

pernah gaks dulu nak buat repot. tapi kena reject mcm tu jer, sbb dia kata kena ikut zone, buhsan.

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