Staying Indoors For Long Hours Not Good For A Child's Development

something to share..skrg mcm trend la budak2 stay dlm rumah je..tak mcm kita kecik2 dulu jarang2 duduk rumah haha...sian gak diorang kan sure boring

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 19 (Bernama) -- Ten-year-old Ariff Daniel, loves soccer and he is 'really' good at playing the game. But Ariff Daniel's soccer skills is only reflected on the computer screen as he only plays computer soccer games and the boy could play such games all day long. Ariff Daniel's parents prefer their son to spend time in front of the computer screen instead of playing outdoors when they are away at work.

To the couple, many adverse things could happen to Ariff Daniel if the boy is left outdoors alone without the watchful eyes of his parents. Concerns over the safety of their children have made many parents to prohibit their offsprings from having fun outdoors and the focus on the children's physical development has been shifted 'indoors'.

Therefore, as the children grow up, they become accustomed to this inactive lifestyle. RESEARCH In 2002, the Asian Food Information Centre (AFIC) conducted a study on children in four Asian cities including Kuala Lumpur. The study found that Malaysian children exhibited non-active lifestyle.

According to the report of the study, Malaysian children tend to spend a lot of their time either watching television or playing computer games. This finding concurred with that of the consumers International report for 2004 where 30 percent of Malaysian children were found to watch television and play video games for more than eight hours daily during the school holiday.

The 2002 AFIC survey also found that Malaysian children preferred to be 'home alone' playing computer or video games instead of having fun with friends outdoors. As for the parents, they are too busy at work to the extent that they neglected to spend 'quality time' with their children.

This scenario is a cause for concern as the children who exhibited inactive lifestyle are also prone to be overweight or obese. According to an expert in psychology development, Elaine Yong, inactive lifestyle disturbs development of children as physical activities promote the development and progress of motor skills and intellectual facility. Full Article


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kesian la bdk2 kalau asyik duk umah je..hari biase takpelah..diorang pun sekolah..tapi kalau hari minggu tu lebih baik bw anak2 gi tgk tmpat2 yang 'membina' as diorang boleh belajar something kt sana..(shopping complex also not so good..)

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betul tuh...ari minggu jela ada masa pun kan..

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