Hati-hati Gelak ~ Merbahaya hihi

After eating a meal, a Chinese man was using a four-inch pair of nail scissors to clean his teeth when one of his friends cracked a joke. He couldn't help laughing -- and the scissors slid down his throat.

London's Daily Mail reports that Kong Lin, 27, tried to cough up the scissors, but the points got stuck in epiglottis, the thin flap of tissue that covers the windpipe during swallowing.

Lin was rushed to a hospital in Putian, China. Surgeons extracted the scissors in half an hour, but they couldn't use anything stronger than a local anesthetic, the Mail reported. Knocking him out completely would have relaxed his throat, allowing the scissors to move deeper.

It took surgeons in Putian, China, 30 minutes to extract this 4-inch pair of nail scissors from a man's throat. He was using them as a toothpick when a friend's joke made him laugh -- and down went the scissors, according to London's Daily Mail.

omak aii kalau aku lah yg kena ...isk tak leh imagine..

rasa tercucuk2 je tekak aku tgk gambar nih hehe

nasib baik bleh keluar kan


idalara said...

adoi mak ngerinya...pe teruk sgt sampai gunting pun boleh termasuk kat tekak..ish,ish,ish..mintak simpang..

myfr3ak said...

hoihhhh, mintak sempanggg.....ngeri plakk

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