Sekarang Dah Ada Auto Wudhu' Washer

The Auto Wudu Washers © (AWW) is the world's first and only automatic pre-prayer personal washing system introduced to enable an individual to perform the Wudu ablution efficaciously in conformance to Quranic teachings.

This is achieved by the use of a purpose built ear, mouth and facial washer unit, a forearm and elbow washing unit and a foot and ankle washing unit all of which are incorporated in a single system.

The AWW© performs all these three Wudu functions hygienically, conveniently and efficiently without water spillage. The AWW© incorporates state of the art technology in fluid dynamics, valve control technology and ergonomics, creating an environment that gives the user an individualized clean washing and drying experience never known and available before.

so far tak penah nampak lagi kat msia..lagipun org msia dah biasa ambik wudhu kat paip kan..


nofeel said...

salam mesra...
bila nak ade kat malaysia.
dasyat teknologi.. huhu..

Zamz said...

kalau tak silap kan co malaysia yg buat benda nih

[yAN!e][pUTraJAya] said...

tu la....bila eh nak ada di Malaysia....?

::AnEp:: said...

pergh..dh mju..

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