Proton Unveils 'Inspira' Priced From RM79,888, Not A Replacement of Waja

SUBANG, Oct 14 (Bernama) -- Proton Holdings Bhd has unveiled an all new mid-sized four door Sedan, "Inspira", with a starting price of RM79,888 and it is not a replacement model for Waja.

"Waja is being discontinued. This is not a replacement," Group Managing Director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir said at the soft launch of the latest edition of Proton's family here.

He said the new model clearly demonstrated the many ways to come out with a good car and a result of Proton's long-term relationship with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC).

The collaboration with MMC to come up with the Inspira enabled Proton to save a lot of funds and time, he said.

"It's cheaper from the company's point of view," he said, adding that it would cost up to RM700 million to develop a completely new car.

"It's a win-win collaboration of Proton and MMC," he said.

Booking starts Thursday with a minimum fee of RM1,000. Those who book the car from today until Nov 15 will get a free two-year service or first 50,000km.

The service package includes free labor charges and service parts worth RM1,658 in total for the car that will be launched on Nov 10.

Proton offers continuously variable transmission (CVT) with intelligent and innovation vehicle electronic control system (INVECS-III) in a variant of the Inspira.

Among practical features customers stand to gain from include auto cruise, automatic light and rain sensors, welcome and coming home light system, fully automatic air conditioning system with climate control system for both front and rear occupants, and all round airbags for passengers' safety.

Proton aims to sell 1,600 units of the Inspira a month.

"The market for the C-Segment cars is about 5,000-6,000 units a month. So, we are looking at 1,600 a month as it is value for money," Syed Zainal said.

He said the company also aimed to export the Inspira, "but we will first ensure the stability of production first."

Inspira comes in four colours -- White, Black, Silver and Red.


menarik gak nih..ada sesapa nak angkat..kalau mitsubishi confirm la seratus ribu ke atas kan.


wanshah said...

berape harganye ek?.. xde plak dinyatakan disini. kalau harga macam waja, bleh sangat la amik. huhuhu.. menyosal sape yang dah amik pesona baru tu. heheh.. cz amik proton punye, sebijik macam mitsubishi. tukar lambang mitsubishi jer, mesti orang ingat lancer betul punye. =P

Jom melawat sini...

Bb Hussain said...

klu tgk ok org pakai ..takde problem utk setahun nanti..leh gak angkat satu..hehhehe..

saiful said...

fuh, dekat 80k ribu tu... design lbh kurang cam Lancer.Cun!

Zamz said...

wanshah harganya range dari rm 79888 ke rm boleh la pilih nak yg basic ke atau pun top of the range

Zamz said...

bb keta ni dah bertahun org pakai hehe

Zamz said...

apa lagi saiful angkat jgn tak angkat hehe

meo said...

layan bro!

Zamz said...

meo angkat laa takat layan je hehe

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