Budget 2009: What Is Your Wish List?

The 2009 federal budget, which will be presented in Parliament on Aug 29, is the most challenging one in recent years, being formulated under tough macroeconomic conditions.

ALTHOUGH the Malaysian economy held up pretty well in the first half of 2008, higher energy costs and soaring food prices will sap the purchasing power of households and restrain consumption over the coming quarters.

This, together with the declining values of equities and higher consumer price inflation, has taken a toll on household balance sheets.

What does the man in the street want in Budget 2009? The consensus seems to be: an effort by the Government to help the rakyat cope with the high cost of living and improved amenities.

Hopefully, budget 2009 will be consumer friendly and my wish list as for now are as follows:

1) Allowance for children raise to RM 2,000

2) EPF and Insurance exemption raise to RM 10,000

3) Toll price be reduced

Those are my wish la kan with the rise of inflation....korang pulak camana ek


myadlan said...

em.. i wish that the PTPTN service fee will be deducted even more.. huhu..

zamz said...

ada ke mcm takde je kan

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