Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest !!!

With Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest which is organized in part by the RealMart Online Merchandise Store on the run...I have been dreaming of winning the voucher...... mainly because I wish I can give something special to my beloved wife on her birthday in the month of august.....

and I wish to give the trax massage lounger from realmart as a very valuable present for her birthday...


being a working mother with three kids ranging from 1-5 years old really give her no time to rest at all...except for when everyone goes to sleep....hoping for the youngest not to cry at night crying for milk..which never happens at the moment...hehe..what a tiring day...every day..

Therefore, I wish to thank her which is also a nuffnanger for all the sacrifices and the Trax Massage Lounger which is very fashionable compared to others from RealMart
can be the best gift and wish she can have a good rest every day.

Trax Massage Lounger - TRX-SP0001

Product Description

* Fashionable model, flexible adjustable angles for the postures.
* Ten built-in vibrating massage balls and seven massage modes for user's preference.
* Size: 108 x 73 x 54cm

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