EPF’s Investment Income Down 60.4% in Q3

byk tu kurang more than half..tapi biasala dlm current market environment ni..nasib baik tak negative return terus...tak macam unit trust...terus advise public simpan masa muda jual masa tua..kalau korang tua masa economic downturn jugak abisla hehe..

berapa la epf nak bagi dividend tahun ni kan...

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 04. 2008): The Employees Provident Fund (EPF’s) investment income in the third quarter fell 60.4% to RM2.06 billion from RM5.19 billion in the second quarter this year.

The income was also lower than RM4.25 billion in the third quarter of last year.

The drop was mainly because of the fall in income from equities to RM1.26 billion compared to RM2.54 billion in the second quarter, said EPF in a statement.

In line with accounting best practices and as a conservative provisioning policy, the EPF also made allowances amounting to RM2.29 billion for diminution in value of equity investments due to deterioration in market value.

The pension fund invested RM77.68 billion of its assets in equities with the bulk of it in trade and services (38%), finance sector (33.9%) and equity (8.5%).


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