Windfall Tax Removal Only Benefit The Investors Not The Citizen

tak paham betul dgn gomen nih..kejap cakap kena tax..lepas tu tak jadi pulak..ada la tukang lobi tuu..last2 yg jadi mangsa tnb dan seterusnya pengguna..ipp ni dah lama benefit dari PPA jangka panjang dgn tnb..its time they have to pay pulakkan..

Windfall Tax Removal Will Benefit Bond Market, Says IPP Association

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 (Bernama) -- The government's move to scrap the windfall profit levy on independent power producers (IPPs) will have an immediate positive impact on the country's bond market as producers can now raise financing without facing higher interest.

IPP Association President Dr Philip Tan said removal of the windfall profit levy was good for the people who issued bonds to raise capital or financing projects such as those in the infrastructure and power sectors.

"This will also lend some support to the IPPs which are listed on Bursa Malaysia. It is good for the country as the perception on Malaysia will be better with the windfall tax out of the way," he told Bernama.

Tan also welcomed the government's move to re-look at restructuring of the electricity supply industry as the energy supply sector would be more efficient and more competitive.

Meanwhile, Bank Islam economist, Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin, said although the move to discontinue the windfall profit levy on IPPs and to suspend the PPA renegotiations would benefit the bond market, the people would be at the losing end.

"Bond investors in the IPPs are only a fraction of the population while the larger chunk of the citizens are at the losing end if the windfall profit levy and the renegotiations are not carried out," he said.



shaxx said...

that's right... I do not see that I would benefit from the latest budget...

zamz said...

shaxx..tula byk benefit org lain je..kita jugak bayar mahal huhuu

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